Workers Compensation

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The reality is, applications for workers compensation claims for workplace injuries do not always consider all of the necessary information. The legislation is complex and requires diligence, from both the injured worker and the employer.

Injured Worker Services
The acceptance of a workers compensation claim is critical, not only for the loss of income, but also future medical expenses. It is not as simple as being injured at work, there are many factors that determine the success of a claim.

We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of workers compensation, both physical and psychological (bullying and harassment) injury claims. We can assist in the application, through to a review of the decision to reject the application and if required, on appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

We help you understand the full process of a workers compensation claim and we can provide ongoing assistance throughout. Our experience in workers compensation claims ensures that you get the best possible opportunity to be successful in your workers compensation claim. It is critical that your application for workers compensation is successful. If you have been injured at work, speak to us today.

Employer Services
Ensuring your business rights are protected is crucial. It is in your best interests to ensure the proper maintenance of genuine claims of workplace injury.

We can assist in any application made for workers compensation by an employee. We guide you through the application, including defending non-genuine claims and we provide a structured understanding of the ongoing management and the return to work processes required. The firm is proactive in obtaining all necessary information regarding any workers compensation application and insurers decision. We are able to assist workplaces to ensure the process is managed professionally and efficiently.

If a worker has lodged a workers compensation application, call us today to discuss the process and your rights.

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