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Wills and Estates – A modern approach

Wills and Estates – A modern Approach.

Matters extend so much further than simply scribing someone’s wishes onto paper. They must consider a modern approach to the modern family structures.

Key questions are required to be asked, such as;

Are you single, married or in a de-facto relationship?
Have you been married or in a de-facto relationship in the past?
Have you effected a legal divorce?
Do you have children, are they your biological children and also the biological children of your partner?
How old are any of your children?

As you can see from the above example questions, wills and estate matters extend far further than simply taking your instructions. Wills and Estate Law can be complicated and these questions can certainly change whether your instructions and intentions can be carried out.

A proper account and evaluation of your wishes with responses to these questions will go a long way in assisting your intentions are carried out. The reality is,brisbane business lawyers questioning plays a key role in the preparation and execution of Wills and Estate Law matters. Your relationships, both past, present and in some ways future are considered in the administration of your estate. What this means is that for your intentions to be carried out, your will must take into account your relationships.

Wills and Estate Law requires a working knowledge of family law, an ability to engage client’s and obtain the right information relevant to the preparation of the will.  Wills and Estates are not new areas of law, but they certainly require an understanding of the various types of modern world relationships.

christielawyersWills and Estates – A modern approach