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Queensland Conveyancing, set for change

Queensland is scheduled to soon catch up with many other states in the development and implementation of an electronic conveyancing brisbane network. It is thought that this electronic conveyance system will assist in the efficiency, security and benefit to the purchaser and seller.

The electronic conveyance system is set to eliminate a lot of the risk in regards to mistakes being made through the conveyance process.

Camp Hill Lawyers, purchasers and sellers will all benefit with this system that has already been operating in NSW since November 2014. It is a fully functional property transfer system that is scheduled to be rolled out throughout Queensland in May 2015.

Whilst no doubt this will prove to be of assistance for Queensland Conveyancing, the program is only as good as the operator and care and attention must still be taken in operating this electronic system.


christielawyersQueensland Conveyancing, set for change